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AMC TV Channel launched on Oct 1, 1984, about 31 years ago. AMC (American Movie Chanel) is a basic cable and satellite television, Owned by AMC Network. Its slogan was “Something More”. AMC TV is producing and creating programs and movie content; it creates awards winning programs. Its country of origin is the United States. Its headquarters is located in New York City and the United States. From 1984 to 2012, it formally called American Movie Classic. Its sister channel is IFC, Sundance TV, WE TV and BBC America. Charles Dolan is the Executive Chairperson, and Josh Sapan is the president and chief Executive officer of the AMC. The Official website is

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AMC tv live streamIn 1984, AMC was broadcasting classic movies, especially from the 1950s era, uncut and advertisement free movies channel. AMC owned by Telecommunication Inc (a joint venture between Telecommunication and rainbow media). In 1989, only in United States AMC service was reached to 39 million subscribers. AMC and film foundation (Martin Scorsese, director of the company) organize the festival to raise funds and knowledge of cinema. They play multimedia marathon (an event host by viewers in which play video from different medium).In 2003, they received $2 million revenue from the tenth anniversary of the festival and distributed them in each partner.

Focus on Original Programming

On Sep, 2002 AMC changes its format and play the movies from all eras. Shorter its name used only abbreviation AMC and changed its logo. Kate MC Encore (AMC network president) they add commercials because of short of subsidies. The channel launched digital cable network spin-off; it collects extra money to broadcast this service. In 2002 to 2007, The Chanel played reality TV series, classic movies, and documentaries.

The Chanel produced drama series Mad Men that is a historical period drama based on the historical event. Produced and created by Matthew Weiner, composer David Carbonara and its country of origin is the United States.

It has taken many awards like 16 Emmy Awards and five Golden Globes Awards and a Peabody Award. AMC also played “Breaking Bad” crime, thriller and black comedy drama series, produced and created by Vince Gilligan, composer Dave Porter, its country of origin is the United States. Other awards are sixteen prime time Emmy awards, eight satellite awards, four Television Critics Association Awards, two Golden Globes Awards, two Peabody Awards and two Critics Choice Awards. It becomes one of the famous Television series.

AMC change its slogan named “Story Matters Here” in 2009, the channel aired the miniseries “The Prisoners”, based on the 1960’s TV series the prisoners. The channel also played “infomercial” formally knows as paid programming, a commercial television program.

Cablevision (Charles Dolan creator of this company) officially said that Rainbow Media is a separate entity. The channel launched two drama series “The Killing” serial, crime and mystery drama based on Forbrydelsen tv show, develop by Veena Sud and “Hell on Wheel “American Western period drama, produced and created by Joe Gay ton and Tony Gayton.


AMC TV Network signed a contract agreement with Warmer Bros Entertainment, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Paramount Picture, a Universal picture, 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Picture and Sony Pictures. The network also produced original series its first original series “The Movie Master” running period 1989 to 1990.




The Walking Dead

Horror American drama series, based on comic series The Walking Dead, produced and developed by Frank Darabont, composed by Bear Mc Creary. Its country of origin United State. It takes an American Television Awards and Golden Globe Awards.


Turn: Washington’s Spies

It’s a historical drama series, based on the book series Washington’s spies: The story of American’s first spy series created and produced by Craig Silverstein, composed by Marco Beltrami and Brandon Robert.


Halt and the Catch Fire

American period drama series creates and produced by Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers, composed by Paul Has linger, its country of origin is United States.


Better Call Soul

American crime drama series, produced and created by Vine Gilligan and Peter Gould, Composed by Dave Porter, its country of origin are United State. It takes several awards included four prime time Emmy Awards, three Guild Awards and a Golden Globe Award.




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