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Animal planet is a satellite television channel, launched in October 1996, about 19 year’s ago. Since 2008, the network has played reality-based program. It was produced by Discovery Communication support by the British Broadcasting Corporation. The animal planet takes over New York-based Superstation WWOR; as a result, its sharing grew. In 2005, the National Aquarium in Baltimore and Animal Planet did a long-term planning. They expand they’re earning through an exhibition.

BBC Worldwide was selling a 20 percent interest in the Animal Planet and then this channel back to the Discovery Channel. In 2008 Animal Planet present with the new face, they change their elephant Logo for the starter text and a new tagline “Same planet, different world.”

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Owned by Discovery Communications
Launched October 1, 1996
Language English
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Country United States
Slogan Surprisingly Human.
Broadcast Area National
Headquarters Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
Sister channel(s) Discovery Channel,
Discovery Family,
American Heroes Channel,
Discovery Life,
Investigation Discovery,
Destination America,


Animal Planet TVMeerkat Manor is a Nature Documentary drama created by Oxford Scientific Film for Animal Planet. Orangutan Island is a more traditional documentary film. After the Attack is a television series that tells the story of animal the attacking the victim. Animal Cops: Houston is a reality based television series aired on that TV. Their features are criminals, Mystery and reality documentary. They won a Genesis award in 2005.

2005 puppy bowl  is the most popular show on Animal Planet also added a soundtrack when they played. “Big Day Diary” program launched in 2003-2006 but renamed Big Cat Lives in 2008. It’s a nature documentary and a long-running program because it plays daily lives of a lion, cheetah, and a leopard family. The monster inside Me is a documentary series linked with disease affected. Each episode dramatized because people tell the real story in this program, about their illness caused by the disease.

Try to remember that Animal Planet is not only regarding Animal it also regarding Human and real based stories of the Human. Watch for live Tv Schedule on Official website.

High Definition

Canal Digital is the first distributor who transmits Animal Planet HD program. Today it became the biggest market brand. They played exceptional documentaries related to wildlife and nature. In 2007, they launched high definition format and available in all networks and cable operators.


On 2011, DC Thomas (publishing partner) launched their official magazine. Targeted seven to ten-year-old audience.

Pseudo Documentaries

On May 2012, Discovery Animal Planet played a pseudo-documentary named “Mermaid: The Body Found” A year later, a scientific team found an underwater marine body. Proved that the existence of a Mermaid. It’s a purported scientific work from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This program aired on many time hosted by several scientists.

Investment in Petsami

In 2012, Discovery-owned online network named Revision 3 expands their business with Fish Bowl media to sell advertising and generate funds. YouTube also played program for funding of new shows.

Availability Of Animal Planet

Satellite Cable IPTV
DirecTV 282 (HD/SD) Verizon FiOS 130 (SD), 630 (HD) Sky Angel 311
AT&T U-verse 252 (SD)
Dish Network 184 (SD) Comcast Cable 66 (SD)
224 (HD)
Southern Fibernet 125 (SD)
1125 (HD)
C-Band Satcom F4-Channel 603 (4DTV Digital)    


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