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The Blaze TV launched on September 12, 2012, owned by Mercury Radio Art. The Blaze TV channel has a multi-function news network available on radio, television and the internet. Its slogan “The network you are building” “The Truth Lives Here”. Its headquarters located in Las Colinas, New York City, Loss Angeles and Washington City. This channel was established and organizes by Glenn Beck.

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The Blaze TV Channel LiveMercury Radio art is a multimedia production launched by Glenn Beck. Glean Beck is a television personality, radio host, bestselling author and filmmaker and Entrepreneur (it is a process of designing, running and launching a new business).

On 2012, Beck, president of Mercury Radio Arts unite all of its operated news and websites, under the beam of “The Blaze”.

Several other satellite television stations selected to join The Blaze. The TV Chanel launched four new cable operators to give their transition in every home in America, and that’s why The Blaze television network make an agreement with Blue Ridge Communication, BEK communication, Sweetwater Cable and Atwood Cable.

Beck also launched his website in which you find breaking news, coming opinion and Original reporting.

In 2013, Beck official said that they start their channel in three states (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) with a support of Cablevision service. Optimum Cablevision audiences in tri-state have to access The Blaze TV program. On 2015 Beck present itself to host 9th GOP presidential debate.

Television Studios

Mercury Stage 19

Actual house of American Dream lab. This studio is broadcast the majority of shows like The Glenn Beck’s Radio Program, Pat, and Stu, The Wonderful World of Stu.

Mercury Stage 33

The original creation and production house of The Glenn Becks Program.

On August 2010, Beck launched a website named The Blaze and their web address and its slogan were “The truth has no agenda”.

Scott Baker (is an American Journalist, Commentators, and Blogger) is the site administration editor of the blog (information and discussion site).

Video producer Pam Key (Famous Key blog Naked Emperor News: Smoking Gun Video and News) and reporter Jon Seidl and Meredith Jessup.

The Blaze TV Current programming



Original Run

Glenn Beck Radio Pogram

Glenn Beck, Pat Grey and Stu Burguiere


Pat & Stu

Pat Grey, Stu Burguiere



Dana Loesch



Tomi Lahren


Courage Boy



The Buck Sexton Show

Buck Sexton


The Dana Radio Show: The Conservative Alternative

Dana Loesch


Future films and shows

History House

Television series created by Beck’s

Church of Martyrs

Featured film


Produced by Tesla, Edison


Featured film

Special Shows and Documentaries

2016 Super Ball Breakfast

Presented by Mike Ditka and other football legend

The sun city Cell

Documentary by The Blaze

Glean Beck’s Christmas cheer

Comedy Show hosted by Beck

6 days in Iraq

Original Documentary

Man in the Moon

Film and stage series

Restoring Unity

Restoring unity rally in Birmingham

Restoring Courage

Coverage of event series in Jerusalem and Israel


Weekly and Other Show

Chain Conversation

Interview and political news and views

For the Record

Investigation documentary

After Action

A talk show analysis with Marcus Luttrell (retired navy us)

Real News

Formal Discussion Show

3- Gun Nation

Reality show, participate professional shooter

Liberty Tree House

An knowledgeable and Educational program, featured young audience


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