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Starz TV Live Stream

starz tv live

Starz TV first pays premium channel, launched on February 1, 1994, about 22, years ago. Its slogan was Obsess able. Owned by Starz Inc. Headquarters was located in Meridian and Colorado. Its sister channel was Starz Encore and MoviePlex. It is a premium cable and satellite network. Starz TV is a primary global media and entertainment company. It provides first run movies, hit movies, video, and television programming.

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Watch 24/7Starz TV Live Stream telecasting live transmission from USA. Enjoy live entertainment shows. Wait please! stream is loading in the player. Look for more information on an official website. You can also watch latest programs schedule.

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starz tv live streamOn Feb. 1994, Encore launched a pay television called Starz, themed multiplex. Starz launched the first stage of seven channels. All the network work under the Encore Brand each channel focused on special style. In 2002, the network entirely separated their service from Encore brand. According to Starz management, Starz has an independent entity. Tele Communication Inc controlled the Starz TV Network. In this Network combine partnership between TCI share 50.1% and Liberty Media shares 49.9% shares (TCI and Liberty Media was John Malone companies). The channel is famous for its movies. In 2013, Starz network launched two new TV services with Cox Communication, and two online services Starz Play and Encore Play.

List of Channels


Description program



They played hit movies from Hollywood blockbuster and international pictures and also played theatrical series.

Starz cinema

In May 1993, Encore media group sign a contract with universal film studio that allow encore to create its own film Starz Cinema launched.


Starz comedy


Launched this channel on 2003, Comedy base movies including romantic, dramatizes comedies.

Starz Kids & Family


Focused on Separate channel from kids and family that’s why they launched this channel and play advertisement free movies. They played “Me, Eloise” and “Zombie Hotel” animated children’s movies. Due to family channel they don’t play R-rated movies.

Movie Library

Encore Company is securing right for broadcasting most popular and first run release of movies from most famous studios. Universal Studio, Hollywood picture, Disney’s Touch Stone, Miramax, Carlos picture and new line Cinema.
1n 1994, Encore work on varied and high-quality programming in which they contract with Paramount picture Purchase 300 titles and then adds to channel account.
Until 2005, Starz sign exclusive revenue generated an agreement with Turner picture and held a current contract with New Line and Fine Line cinema, these films gives hit movies like “Friday,” “Seven,” “Dumb and Dumber,” “Hoop Dreams “and “Mortal Kombat.” In each year they combined, add 30 films in Encore Library.

Television Series

In 2005, Starz produced original series included with scripted series such as Kung Faux(television comedy series), “The Bronx Bunny Show” (Irish teen part series) and “Head Case” (comedy series).

Current programming





American-British science fiction, historical drama based on novel named time travel Outlander series.



American Drama series.


Black Sails

American Dramatic adventure series based on the novel Treasure Island.


Flesh and Bones

American miniseries Drama.


Spartacus: Blood and Sand

American historical television series, focused on the life of Spartacus.


Da Vinci’s Demon

Historical, Fantasy, Adventure drama series.


Survivor’s Remorse

Comedy television series.



Historical, fantasy, drama series based on Arthurian Legend.


Magic City

American Drama television series.


The Missing

British mystery, thrill drama series.



Political drama, American television series.


Party Down

American comedy television series.


Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

Mini television series based on story of bloody Batiatus.


The Pillars of the Earth

Historical drama, mini television series.


The Girlfriend Experience

American television drama series.



American Comedy drama television series.


Torch Wood

British science fiction television series.


American Gods

Fantasy drama television series.



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E! Entertainment Live Stream

e entertainment tv

E! Entertainment Live Stream launched on June 1, 1990, about 25 years ago, Owned by NBC Universal cable. Its slogan was a pop of culture. It is an American Cable Channel. Its features reality television, feature film and occasionally series. It is telecasting live transmission from United States.

Launched June 1, 1990
Slogan Pop of Culture
Country United States
Picture format 480i (SDTV) 1080i (HDTV)
Headquarters Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Owned by NBCUniversal Cable
Sister channel(s) Bravo
Esquire Network
USA Network

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watch 24 hours transmission of E! Entertainment live streaming telecasting online from USA. E! entertainment en vivo por internet. Wait for few seconds stream is loading in the player.

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E! Entertainment Live StreamJuly 31, 1987, E! entertainment Launched as a named of Movie time, they broadcast news, movie trailer, events, interviews and awards coverage. It’s controlling hold by five television service providers (Comcast, TCI, HBO/Warner Cable, Cox Cable and Continental Cablevision). On June 1, 1990, Time Warmer owned Movie time and rebrand as E!Entertainment Television. They change the name because it gives the exclusive coverage or value of Celebrity-industrial complex (issued and views of celebrity and Business Corporation), movies, gossip, and music. Comcast (a shareholder in the network) group with Disney/ABC Cable service in 1997. Comcast, a significant shareholder in the association, combine with TCI and Continental. Comcast obtain Disney’s 39.5 % share of E! And expand full possession for $1billion.

They change the name because it gives the exclusive coverage or value of Celebrity-industrial complex (issued and views of celebrity and Business Corporation), movies, gossip, and music. Comcast (a shareholder in the network) group with Disney/ABC Cable service in 1997. Comcast, a significant shareholder in the association, combine with TCI and Continental. Comcast obtain Disney’s 39.5 % share of E! And expand full possession for $1billion. Contract between Disney/ABC and Comcast to broadcast full coverage of the program. Comcast Entertainment joins NBCUniversal Television service. In January 2011, Comcast holds 51% share of NBCUniversal group. The channel change its logo by removing exclamation marks renamed ‘E’ on July 9, 2012, “E” maintain the exclamation mark on bottom.

E! Entertainment Programming

  • News

E! Is one of the channels that broadcast daily news program, features gossip and stories about celebrities, upcoming movies trailer, film, and music. From 2000 to 2009, E! Telecast business program from Bloomberg Television. E! News Ticker shows news every half hour during regular program.

  • Original programming

E! Entertainment channel also coverage the three live awards shows, The Primetime Emmy Awards, The Golden Globe Awards and the Academy Awards. In September 2010, Joan Rivers (comedian, writer, producer and hosting television program) hosted award title Fashion Police (later they became a tv series). E! Entertainment network also plays a documentary series E! True Hollywood Story (story related to Showbiz scandals, celebrity murder, and mysteries).

E! Entertainment played light series such as 25 Cutest Child Stars all grown up and serious series such as 15 Most Unforgettable Hollywood Tragedies. It also made crime and investigative program feature child prostitution.

It also makes reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians in 2011(it attracts high viewer rating, successful television series and win several awards) and other reality series Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, Kourtney and Kim Take Miami and Khloe and Lamar.

Another authentic program such as Hello Ross (late night talk show), The Soup, Fashion Police (talk show) and Married to Jonas (television documentary series).

They telecast Repeated television series such as Sunset Tan, The Anna Nicole Show, Gastineau Girls, The Girls Next Door, Married to Rock, Ice Loves Coco, Chasing The Saturday, Dirty Soap, and The Wanted Life.

They also played comedy program Chelsea Lately (late night comedy talk show hosted by comedian Chelsea Handler). The scripted program After Lately (comedy, mockumentary and improvisational television series) and The Soap (the spin-off version of talks soup, in this program they show the recap of popular culture and event) and play previous clips hosted by Joel Mc Hale (actor, comedian).

Acquired Series and Film

E! Occasionally Rerun programs such as Alice, Absolutely Fabulous, 20/20 Lifestyle and also aired HBO movie series “Sex and the City”.

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MTV Music USA TV Live

MTV Music Live

An MTV music channel was launched on 1st Aug 1981, about 34 years ago. The Viacom Media Network owns it. Its headquarters located in New York City. The purpose of this channel is to play music video guided by Video Jockey.

Owned by Viacom Media Networks (Viacom)
Picture format     1080i (HDTV)
480i (SDTV)
Country United States
Launched August 1, 1981
Language English
Headquarters New York City

Watch MTV Music USA Live Stream

Here you can Watch MTV Music TV channel live streaming telecasting from USA. Please wait for few seconds, stream is loading in the player.

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MTV Music LiveIn 1977, Warner Cable and Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment launched QUBE and Ohio interactive cable television system. The QUBE system gives several channels. One of these channels was based on Music, and that featured video recording footage and music related program. Viewers also vote for their favorite artist and song. Robert W. Pittman (media executive) creates the original program of MTV. Pittman is producing and hosting a 15-minute show “album track” in New York City. Pittman now becomes the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and president of MTV Network.

On Aug 1981, they aired footage of “first space shuttle launched a countdown of Columbia”. The Bugles “Video is Killed the Radio Star” is the first video played on MTV. Unfortunately, the screen goes black when employee inserted CD on tape. In the beginning, MTV appeared on poor graphic HBO, Premium Channel, Showtime and The Movie Channel also played music video. HBO played ‘Jukebox’ first aired program on the channel.


The primary purpose of this channel is to play music, videos 24 hours a day, seven days a week, guided by VJs (Video Jockey). Also, the audience can take part in music, and videos on-demand at

 MTV introduced black artists such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Eddy Grant, Dona summer and Herbie Hancock. Their first act added white and black musicians called THE Special. They also played 58th video on the first broadcast Rat Rac.

They rejected movie videos of the black artist on MTV such as Rick James Super Freak. Michael Jackson struggled hard to get airtime on MTV and finally broke the color barrier. Jackson’s video that broke the color barrier namely The Austin Chronicle had a song “Billie Jean” but this song was not added to MTV’s playlist until it reached #1 Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

After that Jackson second video “beat it” played several times on MTV also, they played the other black artist albums such as 1999 and Little Red Corvette by Prince.

The Jackson sophisticated video Thriller, The mid-1980s, Rap and Hip Hop artist such as Run-DMC, The Fat Boys, Whodini, L.L Cool J and the Beastie Boys type’s video also began to enter on MTV playlist.

Around 1984, many black artist videos played in heavy rotation along with Michael Jackson, Prince and Donna Summer, Billy Ocean, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Lionel Richie, The Pointer Sister, Diana Ross, Shannon, Ray Parker Jr, Kool and the Gang and Deniece Williams.

MTV Music Video Awards broadcast in 1984. That was the first show in which Madonna’s song Like a Virgin was performed live. In 1986, it first transmitted youth cultural event Spring Break. In 1986, ‘Dial MTV’ played music on viewer demand, this show replaced in 1991 with “MTV Most Wanted”.

120 minutes is another program that was introduced in 1986, featured as alternative rock and underground videos. In 2011, “120 minutes” resurrected once again. 2003 to 2011, late night show “Headbanger Ball” aired on sister channel but this program discontinued in 2013.


Satellite Cable IPTV
DirecTV 331 (SD)
1331 (HD)
Available on many US cable providers Verizon FiOS 210 (SD)
710 (HD)
Dish Network 160 (SD/HD)
1333 (HD)
  AT&T U-verse 1502 (HD)
502 (SD)
Dstv 130 (HD/SD)   Zazeen (Canada) Channel 53 (SD)


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Comedy Central TV Live

comedy central online

Comedy Central launched on 1 November 1995, Owned by the Paramount UK Partnership (Paramount British Pictures/ sky PLC) is a television channel that carries both original and syndicated (licensing to broadcast radio and television program) comedy program.

Launched 1 November 1995
Picture format 16:9, 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Owned by Paramount UK Partnership
Formerly called    

The Paramount Channel

Paramount Comedy


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comedy central tv liveIn 1995 the channel formally known as (The Paramount Chanel) broadcast their first program with Indiana Jones film (Rider of the Lost Ark) Their timetable of a program based on a combination of comedy and drama and also of Paramount Picture (basically a film library), included Beauty and the Beast and Japanese animated movies receive from Manga Entertainment (is a distributor, production, license of Japanese movies).

Comedy Central telecast original, Real, actual and genuine paramount program such as “The Magician” and “The Ren and Stimpy Show” (Now Nickelodeon cable’s Channel show). The paramount channel now changes the name “Paramount Comedy Chanel”, a channel devotes only to comedy.

In 2001, the channel extended with Sky Digital (Sky provides broadband internet service). On 6 April 2009, the Paramount comedy only broadcasts comedy program and renamed “Comedy Central”. The channel brings new program straight from US Central and another program from US broadcaster.

They also telecast new shows such as Two and a half men, Scrubs, The Office, The Sara Silverman Program and South Park. In 2010 the channel launched Comedy Central HD, broadcasting high-definition programs’. The channel programs are also available on demand.

Original Programming

Comedy Central HD and Comedy Central first broadcast original, Real program Threesome (Big Talk Production) is a British comedy television Sitcom written by Tom Mac Rae and Tom Edge aired In Oct 2011. They increase the rating of paramount comedy (Comedy Central).

On May 2012, Comedy Central officially said that it makes original comedy content. Comedy Central lineup 20 new projects in which already done 10 scripted. Sarah Farwell (executive) told in magazine “Broadcast” (is a weekly magazine it covers a variety of news and issue) that they launched a new project in which new jokes that create laugh out loud factor. The Paramount bosses work on this project and the successes of “Threesome’s.

A new series of Big Bad World created by Objective Production (produced same team behind the “Peep Show”)

Tristram Shapiro is a television director work in comedy series such as Happy Endings (American television comedy sitcom, location Paramount studio).

Green Wing (is a British sitcom, only two series made by Talkback Thames Production), and Community (Is a television sitcom produced by Dan Harman) and I’m Alan Partridge (is a BBC situation comedy produced by Peter Baynham, Steve Coogan, Armando Iannucci. The comedy commissioner Pete Thornton has left to the BBC department in April 2012.

List of Current programming

No. Program
1 Friend
2 Live at the Apollo
3 Two and a half man
4 American television sitcom
5 Chappell’s Show
6 Drunk History
7 Kee and Peele
8 Impractical Jokers
9 Bad Education


Weekend and occasion the channel aired Marathon and broadcasting one at two shows. The Chanel aired The Darjeeling Limited comedy-drama film produced by Wes Anderson, Scott Rudin, Roman Coppola and Lydia Dean Pilcher.


Comedy Central also showing animated, action, comedy movies on regular basis. Such as, South Park, Bigger, Dumb and Dumber, Teen Wolf, Bad Boys, Happy Feet, 13 Going on 30, Police Academy, Scary Movie 3, Austin Power: The Spy Who Shagged Me, The Mask, White Chicks, Longer and Uncut, Mission to Moscow and Jerry Maguire.


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RTN Live

RTN TV or Retro TV (Retro Television network) RTV is an American broadcast television network, launched in July 2005, about ten years ago, Owned by Luken communication. The channel plays classic sitcom and drama series.

Watch RTN TV Live Streaming USA

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Here you can watch RTN/RTV television channel live streaming from USA. Please wait stream is just loading in the player.

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RTN TV LiveIn July 2005, RTN TV launched and controlled by the equity broadcasting corporation (the company that managed and operated television station). classic sitcom and shows played on RTN TV from 1950s to 1980s. Equity was informed of the use of broadcast automation (to run radio, TV and broadcasting network).

A small chain formally low powered satellite television network directly run from Equity headquarter. Early 2000s equity takes over many small stations but in 2008, these small television companies struggle to prove itself. Due to the financial problem faced by Equity Media Holding sold RTN to Luken communication in June 2008. Equity’s CEO and Luken decide to repurchase the network.

In 2009 conflict raise between Equity and Luken communication for RTN interrupted programming. Luken claims that Equity left many commitments included unpaid supplies of the program. As a result, Lukens continued national supplies of the network.

Equity lost RTN Network and now Equity aim to find new establishment for the network. In June 2009, The Retro Television Network change named to “RTV”. Retro TV officially attaches with three Sinclair broadcasting groups (operate television station in the United States). In 2013, the channel renamed as “Retro TV”.


RTN/RTV programming basically focused on 1950s and the 1980s television series and frequently played old program. Under Equity ownership they create certain changes in the programming format and add new original program.

End of 2008 and early 2009 they played Classic Hit all day and fresh talk all night. The channel produced many horror films such as Wolf man Mac’s Chiller Drive-In is a horror, science fiction, comedy movie and Off Beat Cinema is a two-hour hosted movie show aired on RTN

In June 2011, they shared program agreement with NBCU. The Network arranged its schedule program from another distributor (such as “I Spy” Secret agent buddy adventure television series and “Star sky and Hutch” is a 1970’s television series).

People related program such as The Beverly Hillbillies is an American sitcom and Cold Case File is a reality legal show documentary.

It played cartoon program on Saturday morning in high quality and also played classic era .They distribute their current programming from many distributors included Sonny picture, Classic Media , Peter Rodger Organization and Stay Creepy Production.

In July 2008, the networks contract with CBS Television Distribution. After the CBS contract ends and then RTN agreement with NBC Universal Television Distribution.

List of Programming Broadcast by RTV

The Adventure of Ozzie and Harriet, The Barkley’s, The Border, Bonanza, The Doctor, Doctor Who, The Murdoch Mystery, Cold Squad, Police Surgeon, One Step Beyond, The Hound Cats, Tarzan and so on.


RTN (Retro Television Network) remain current or future distribution program contract with 90 television stations. List of RTN affiliation, country such as Alabama, Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia

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Animal Planet TV Channel USA HD

Animal Planet TV

Animal planet is a satellite television channel, launched in October 1996, about 19 year’s ago. Since 2008, the network has played reality-based program. It was produced by Discovery Communication support by the British Broadcasting Corporation. The animal planet takes over New York-based Superstation WWOR; as a result, its sharing grew. In 2005, the National Aquarium in Baltimore and Animal Planet did a long-term planning. They expand they’re earning through an exhibition.

BBC Worldwide was selling a 20 percent interest in the Animal Planet and then this channel back to the Discovery Channel. In 2008 Animal Planet present with the new face, they change their elephant Logo for the starter text and a new tagline “Same planet, different world.”

Animal Planet Live( En Vivo Por Internet HD)

Here you can watch Info Intertainment Channel Aminal Planet live streaming in HD quality 24/7 hours. Watch latest programming that covers all wildlife programs. Wait for a moment stream is loading. Animal Planet en vivo por internet gratis.

Owned by Discovery Communications
Launched October 1, 1996
Language English
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Country United States
Slogan Surprisingly Human.
Broadcast Area National
Headquarters Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
Sister channel(s) Discovery Channel,
Discovery Family,
American Heroes Channel,
Discovery Life,
Investigation Discovery,
Destination America,


Animal Planet TVMeerkat Manor is a Nature Documentary drama created by Oxford Scientific Film for Animal Planet. Orangutan Island is a more traditional documentary film. After the Attack is a television series that tells the story of animal the attacking the victim. Animal Cops: Houston is a reality based television series aired on that TV. Their features are criminals, Mystery and reality documentary. They won a Genesis award in 2005.

2005 puppy bowl  is the most popular show on Animal Planet also added a soundtrack when they played. “Big Day Diary” program launched in 2003-2006 but renamed Big Cat Lives in 2008. It’s a nature documentary and a long-running program because it plays daily lives of a lion, cheetah, and a leopard family. The monster inside Me is a documentary series linked with disease affected. Each episode dramatized because people tell the real story in this program, about their illness caused by the disease.

Try to remember that Animal Planet is not only regarding Animal it also regarding Human and real based stories of the Human. Watch for live Tv Schedule on Official website.

High Definition

Canal Digital is the first distributor who transmits Animal Planet HD program. Today it became the biggest market brand. They played exceptional documentaries related to wildlife and nature. In 2007, they launched high definition format and available in all networks and cable operators.


On 2011, DC Thomas (publishing partner) launched their official magazine. Targeted seven to ten-year-old audience.

Pseudo Documentaries

On May 2012, Discovery Animal Planet played a pseudo-documentary named “Mermaid: The Body Found” A year later, a scientific team found an underwater marine body. Proved that the existence of a Mermaid. It’s a purported scientific work from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This program aired on many time hosted by several scientists.

Investment in Petsami

In 2012, Discovery-owned online network named Revision 3 expands their business with Fish Bowl media to sell advertising and generate funds. YouTube also played program for funding of new shows.

Availability Of Animal Planet

Satellite Cable IPTV
DirecTV 282 (HD/SD) Verizon FiOS 130 (SD), 630 (HD) Sky Angel 311
AT&T U-verse 252 (SD)
Dish Network 184 (SD) Comcast Cable 66 (SD)
224 (HD)
Southern Fibernet 125 (SD)
1125 (HD)
C-Band Satcom F4-Channel 603 (4DTV Digital)    


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Reality TV USA Live

Reality Television USA Live

Reality TV presents dramatic or humorous situations. This channel has ordinary people instead of professional actors. The term Reality Television used since 2000. Its shows represent a host who asks questions to the participants or comments. They telecast many kinds of reality television shows. Idols and Big Brothers show became global franchises, spawning local versions in dozens of countries. They telecast a program name Dutch Series Nummer 28 that was the first show to bring together strangers.

In the United States, many channels have retooled to focus on reality programs. MTV is a famous program that began in 1981 as a music video pioneer. Some shows are not classified as reality television such as Documentaries, television news and traditional game.

This channel offers talent- search shows such as The Original Amateur Hour, The Up Series (1964) documentary series for ordinary people. It also gives high-concept shows such as The Dating Game (1965), and real life featuring programs like The People’s Court, the Old House.

Watch Reality TV USA Live Stream

Here you can watch reality Tv Live streaming 24/7 hours. Watch and enjoy reality shows and many entertaining programs. Please wait here stream is loading in the player.

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Reality Television USA LiveIn 1964, the first broadcast in the United Kingdom, the Granada Television documentary Seven Up. It is the interviews with a dozen 7-year-olds from a broad cross-section of society. A film documented the life of the same individuals, Up Series, 7 Plus Seven, 21 Up are included. The American Sportsman is the first modern reality show that ran from 1965 to 1986 on ABC in the United States. Another precursor is Omaha’s the Wild Kingdom that aired from 1963 to 1988. It telecasts a fantastic-fulfilled reality show named 1982 to 1988, named The Canadian series Thrill of a Lifetime.

In 1991, the series Nummer 28, that aired on Dutch television. Charlie Parsons has also broadcast a series in 1997 Expedition Robinson that first aired in Sweden.A famous program Changing Rooms began in 1996 in which showed couples redecorating each other’s house. It is also a first reality show with self-improvement and makeover theme.

Streetmate reality show premiered in the UK in 1998. Gabe Sachs created this show as Street Match. But it was flob in the United States.
Tester became the first reality show that aired over a video game console in 2010.


Reality television consists of many subgenres, there are eight subgenres of reality television. Game does, dating programs, makeover programs, talent contests, court programs, and celebrity variations programs are included.

Reality legal programs

Some programs center on real life legal matters. Court Show was originally dramatized and staged programs in which actors are playing the witnesses and lawyers. Subgenre reality shows are law enforcement documentaries that capture police officers on duty.

Four of the ten programs are famous among Youth in 2006. Some programs watched by teens that resemble with a questionable role model. According to serve of Learning and Skills Council, in UK teenagers gained fame by appearing on reality television in 2007.



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Freeform TV Channel (ABC Family)

freeform tv live

Freeform TV America was launched on April 29, 1977, under the ownership of Disney ABC Television Group (ABC family Worldwide). It’s an American basic cable and satellite television; they designed their program to teenagers and young adults and some program related to young girls between the age of 14 and 34. Demographic objective was selected by the channel as “Becomers”. It was renamed ABC Family in 2016.

Watch Freeform TV Channel Live Stream (ABC Family Online)

live streaming

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freeform tv liveIn 1977 CBN satellite service played religious program but CBN and television ministry has decided to make it family entertainment program. New Corporation has decided to get hold of The Family channel in 1997 because the company eyed to his popular Fox kid channel and then they owned the New Corporation and Saban entertainment through Joint Venture. As a result it may possibly against services such as Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. The family channel publicly renamed Fox Family in 1998 because of ownership change and then they transferred their operation from Virginia Beach.

Due to the decline of 35% channel audience, the Walt Disney Company acquired Fox family worldwide; however Disney runs the Fox family channel and Saban entertainment library.  In January 2016, The Disney group announced that the system, to change its corporate image Freeform.

Programming of ABC Family

Freeform now subscribe a schedule of existing comedy and drama series such as Reba, The Middle, Last Man Standing, and Gilmore Girls. They also broadcast original series such as Switched at Birth, Stitches, Kevin from Work, Young & Hungry, and Baby Daddy. Freeform program has faced minimum successful drama series, original sitcom and stand-up comedies. Since 2016, they aired comedy series on Wednesday and original drama series on Monday and Tuesday night. They also broadcast religious programs such as Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, James Robison, Joseph Prince, Doug Bachelor, David Jeremiah, and Zola Levitt. In June 2011, ABC Family played American teenagers and family drama series ‘Switches at Birth.’


In primetime, Freeform aired movies which targeted audiences such as family, teenager, and adult. ABC family also aired a large number of films which circulated by sister channel Disney Pictures. Freeform holds the rights to many film series such as the Harry Potter series, A Cinderella Story and most recently film series “The Legally Blonde”.  ABC family’s broadcast is most running original movie ‘Night of the Twister’. On Oct 10, 2014, they aired ‘The Hunger Game ‘viewer most seen the program. Freeform is also airing a preview of upcoming movies and airing Disney channel movie ‘High School Musical’.

Programming block

Fun day launched in 2014 and they aired featured film 25 days of Charismas. They also aired various charismas special programs Like Rankin-Bass programs, The Little Drummer Boy and Santa Claus Is Coming to Town. 13 Night Halloween is a special program of Freeform. During 13 Nights of Halloween they played Halloween-themed films, thrillers and horror films. On Halloween special, they also played the original series Pretty Little Liar.

Launched April 29, 1977
Broadcast Area Nationwide
Slogan Become With Us
Country United States
Replaced ABC Family
Sister channel(s) Disney Channel
Disney Junior
Disney XD
ABC, Fusion

Availability of Freeform TV

Satellite Cable IPTV
DirecTV 311, 1311 (VOD) Available on most U.S. cable systems AT&T U-verse 1178 (HD) 178 (SD)
Dish Network 180   Verizon FiOS 699 (HD) 199 (SD)
    Southern Fibernet 1207 (HD) 207 (SD)


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Travel Channel Live Stream

Travel Channel USA Live

Travel Channel is an American basic cable and satellite television channel. It launched on February 1, 1987. Scripps Networks Interactive owns 65 % shares of the network, and Cox Communications owns 32% interest. It headquartered located in Chevy Chase Maryland, United States. It offers documentaries, reality and that kind of shows that related to travel and leisure around the United States and all over the world.
Broadcasting has done on African animal safaris, tours of grand hotels and resorts, visit significant cities and towns across the world. Also included programming about many foods across the world, and about ghosts and the paranormal in notable buildings. In the United States, this channel is available to approximately 91.5 million pay television households.

Watch Travel Channel USA Live Stream


Here you can watch 24/7 hours Travel Channel live stream. Enjoy travelling in all over the world from you home comfort. Enjoy HD Streaming online. Just wait for few seconds while it is loading in the player.

Read More About Travel Channel
Owned by The Travel Channel, LLC
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Slogan Travel Moves You.
Country United States
Broadcast area National
Launched February 1, 1987
Headquarters Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States
Sister channel(s) Great American Country
Cooking Channel
Food Network
DIY Network
Nova Cyprus



Travel Channel Live StreamTrans World Airlines founded Travel TV on February 1, 1987. Home Theater Network is a travel related filler programs where the Channel’s name derived. After this, network sold to Landmark Communications. In 1997, Discovery Communications acquired a 70% ownership and 20 % interest from Paxson in 1999. After that, the system sold Cox Enterprises as part of a larger multibillion-dollar transaction. Scripps Network Interactive owned 65 % ownership interest in the network On November 5, 2009. This deal completed on May 1, 2012. In 2015, Scripps announced that its location will relocate the Travel TV headquarters to Knoxville, Tennessee.

Travel Channel Programming

Its current programming is regularly aired. Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America. This show represents that Adam Richman attempts to find the best sandwich in America. Travel TV takes the “bloopers” from the shows listed above and makes them of the series.
Some excellent programs are Flight Attendant School, Food Paradise finds the ultimate food paradise in America, Get Packing, Globe Trekker, Great Gateway Game, Great Hotels included. Travel 21 and Travel Channel Secrets are also popular programs.


Satellite Cable
Nova Hellas 277 Verizon FiOS 670
170 (SD)
Dish Network 196


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Discovery HD Channel (USA) Online

discovery HD channel live

Discovery HD Channel is an international high definition television channels from Discovery Communications. Now it is owned by Discovery HD World in Asia- Pacific markets. This channel first launched in Korea on February 2005. In Japan and Canada began as 24-hour channels in December 2005. Now it is becoming the 100th discovery networks overall. After this Discovery HD expanded into other networks. It offers you lifestyle entertainment that fulfills the promise of high-definition technology. It brings breathtaking imagery and extensive detail for audiences. This channel features programs on many kinds of culture, science and natural history and lifestyle.

Owned by Discovery Networks Northern Europe
Launched 2005
Country United States
Language English
Official Website

Watch Discovery HD Live Stream

Watch live streaming of Discovery HD Live Stream now in High Definition (HD) stream quality telecasting from USA. Please wait for some seconds stream is just loading in the player.

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Discovery HD Live StreamThe first Discovery channel of USA is velocity, and it was launched in June 2002. On August 13, 2007, a second Channel Launched. It is called Discovery Channel HD. This new one describes the main Discovery Channel feed. It is available on DirecTV and many other USA cable television. .Discovery HD started to simulcast the great feed in high definition on June 30, 2011, in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Discovery Channel Canada has an ownership structure, Canada’s people receive English language programming to the channel that America Viewers watch.

The Canadian channel carries the daily news show Daily Planet. Discovery channel expanded in many other countries like in Germany and Austria on the Sky Germany satellite platform in February 2006.

In October 2006, it started on the platform of Poland and Netherlands.It began in Nordic Countries on November 1, 2006, when Canal Digital launched their HD in Sweden with Finland and Denmark. Discovery started on January 18, 2007, in Singapore on the StarHub Tv Platform. And on January 31, 2008, began in Hong Kong. And in Romania, it telecast on UCP Romania DVB-C as Discovery HD Showcase on September 6, 2010. So Discovery HD is a very popular channel not only in the USA but all over the world. People see its transmission with interest. Discovery channel has many things for learning.

Nature of Programs

The Excellent programs on the station are Shark Week programming event, Deadliest Catch, MythBusters. The favorite show The Christopher Lowell also telecast from 1998 to 2001. It also leads the Discovery Channel Radio. It consists of audio versions of popular programs from the Discovery Communications family of television channels. This sub-channel also carried by XM Satellite Radio. It has converged almost 431 million homes in 170 countries. Discovery Communications have 29 network brands in 33 languages. Discovery channels are also available on digital satellite platforms with many languages.
Naked and Afraid is a series of Discovery Channel that firstly started on June 23, 2013. Its story is that one man and one woman threw alone into the wild. Nothing left for survival. Some of the actors are fully naked in this, and they received critical reception. Due to this Parents Television Council, One Million Moms, a and American Family Association have boycotted the network. The other favorite programs of people on Discovery are Running Wild with Bear Grylls, RailRoad Alaska, Orangutan Island, Discovery Real Heroes, etc. This channel features programs on many kinds of culture, science and natural history and lifestyle. On Official website you can watch TV latest schedule.

Famous TV Shows

N0. Shows
1. Alaska: The Last Frontier
2. Bering Sea Gold
3. Deadliest Catch
4. Deadliest Job Interview
5. Diesel Brothers
6. Fast N’ Loud
7. Gold Rush
8. Killing Fields
9. Moonshiners
10. MythBusters
11. Naked and Afraid
12. Racing Extinction
13. Shark Week
14. Street Outlaws
15. Telescope
16. The Age of Aerospace
17. Venom Hunters

Availability in Other Countries

Name Channel
Dish TV (US) 9487
Airtel Digital(India) 338
D-Smart(Turkey) 59
NTV Plus(Russia) 207
Sky Italia(Italy) 401
Tata Sky(India) 567
Astro(Malaysia) 571
Dialog TV(Sri Lanka) 84
Foxtel HD+(Australia) 211


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