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FX TV Channel USA HD

FX tv Live Streaming

FX TV is a short form of Fox extended, launched on June 1, 1994, it is owned by FX Network L, L, C (21st Century Fox).its slogan is Fearless. It country of origin is the United States. FX is an American cable and satellite television. Sister channel is FX movie channel and FXX. FX network programming based on Original drama, comedy, series, theatrical film, and sitcom.  80.8% viewers of the United States watch this channel. You can also visit an official website that is

Watch FX TV Channel USA Live

Wach live FX TV channel live streaming telecasting interesting programs, shows from the United States of America. Please wait for some seconds, stream is just loading in the player. FX TV vivo por internet gratis.

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 The channel broadcast their programs live from their apartment. The broadcast network programs from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s era included “Batman”, “Wonder Women”, “Eight Is Enough”, “Nanny and the Professor” and “Green Hornet”.

Those days FX network has two slogans TV Made Fresh Daily and The World First Living Television Network. In 1994, FX was given the facility to viewers, to give their feedback through the internet, email and the World Wide Web. Most shows are based on viewers email question such as “Backchat” is a television show, broadcast on mid-1990; Jeff Probst is the host of the program and the host read the e-mail and knows the viewer choice about the program. The budget of the channel is high to pay a national clearance. Various program shifts from Fox network and in 1998, FX leave the apartment and change they’re set up.

Fox Gone Cable

FX renamed their slogan “Fox Gone Cable” in 1997. Mostly running programs carry from Fox channel included The X-files, and Married with Children. In 1998 FX played three original series “Bobcat’s Big Ass Shows”, “The Grounding” and “Penn & Teller’s Sin City Spectacular”.

Original Programming

In 2002, FX focused on playing original programming. FX played the television series The Shield, this series won the Golden Globe Award and in 2008, this series won an AFI Award. The Many broadcasting network chose to play TV-MA rating program. The Parent Television Council and American Family Association have to boycott this type of programming. In 2007, FX TV launched new drama series Dirt, The Riches and Damages. The channel changes its slogan named There Is No Box in 2008.The FX network aired new drama series Son of Anarchy is a crime, thriller, drama, formed and created by Kurt Sutter.

Drama Series

FX also runs original drama series, comedy program and animated film.



Running Period

American Horror Story

Supernatural, Anthology American drama series, produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, a story based on some true events. Successful television series, won two Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe Award and a Guild Award.


The American

The American period, spy drama, created by Joe Weisberg (CIA Officer).story focused on CIA family life. Who performed their duty along with Kids and spouse, It city of origin is United State.



Black comedy, crime drama series, produced by Noah Hawley, producers Kim Todd, Chad Oakes and Michael Frislev. This series is motivated from the 1996 film.


American Crime Story

True crime American television series, created and produced by Scott Alexander and karaszewski .It country of origin is United State. The story focused on Jeffery Toobin’s book.




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Cinemax TV USA HD Live

Cinemax TV live

Cinemax TV launched on August 1, 1980, about 35 years ago. It is owned by Home Box Office, Inc (subsidiary of Time Warner. Its slogan is “Max. In Movies” and it’s headquarter is located in New York City. Its sister channel is HBO. Cinemax is a home of Hollywood Hits and action package movies. It broadcasts featured film, Soft-core pornographic series, documentaries and behind the scene programs.  

Launched August 1, 1980
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Owned by Home Box Office, Inc.
Country United States
Language English

Watch Cinemax TV Live Streaming

Watch online live streaming of Cinemax TV channel live telecasting transmission from USA. Watch international and national Movies and Tv shows. Wait for few seconds, stream is loading.

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Cinemax TV liveCinemax TV network launched on 1 August 1980, it was first owned by Time Life, Inc and then in 1989; it belonged to the Time Warner network. Cinemax TV decides its program schedule twenty hours a day they aired movies on different eras. According to Robert Culp! Cinemax channel is only to telecast movies and nothing else. On the channel first birthday it plays classic movies running without cut and commercial free. They mostly play movies from the 1950s and 1970s era. In the early year, Cinemax network is famous because of its master ability for catching the signals of television. Cable subscribers not to give Cinemax network service if the customer not to add the HBO channel.

The network provides a discount offer to subscribe package of two channels (HBO and Cinemax)Time Life, Inc uses independent station KOKI-TV! For the violation of the exclusive right, the allegation is that it is using the slogan of Cinemax “We Are Your Movie Star” and the case is dismissed after the proceeding. Cable service providers launched more movie channels that why they change its strategy and played R-Rated movies in the daytime, to keep its subscriber base. In 1992, They focused on airing scripted adult-oriented television series included Hot Line, Passion Cove, Lingerie and Co-Ed Confidential.

Cinemax TV USA Programming

Cinemax TV also plays featured film and action oriented movies and also produced and created movies. Drama series and action series played on that channel. It’s aimed to target 18-49 age of viewers.



Running period

Strike Back

American /British drama, action, adventure television series, based on novel “Special Air Service” (SAS), Written by Simon Burke, James Dormer, Jed Mercurio and others. Its country of origin is United State and United Kingdom.



British television drama played on Cinemax, written and created by Franck Spotntz, formed and produced by Kudos Film and Television and Big Light production.



Action, thrillers, crime drama series, created and formed by Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler , Composed by Methodic Doubt, producer and maker Chad Feehan and Robert F. Phillips. Its country of origin is United State. The story based on crimes and aired on Cinemax.


The Knick

Medical, period drama series created and formed by Jack Amiel and Michael Begler, writing by Jack Amiel, Michael Begler and Steven Kartz. It played on Cinemax channel. The story based on personal and professional lives of Dr John W. Thackery.


Max after Dark

Max after Dark is an adult programming block played on late night on Cinemax, and it takes right to broadcast Softcore film. The program aired under the beam of Max after Dark, it focused on the TV-MA or R-rated movie, based on nudity or strong sexual content. It plays “Skin to the Max” documentary film series in 2011 and 2014; it aired Lingerie, Life on Top, Femme Fatales, Zane the Jump off and Working Girls in Bed.


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CW TV Shows USA Live


CW TV USA Television Network, founded by January 24, 2006, about ten years ago. The Owner of this network is the CW Network, LLC (Limited Liability Company) a joint venture between Warner Bros and CBS Company. Each company owns 50 percent shares of the company. The CW is derived from the first letters of two parent companies CBS and Warner Bros.

Headquarters Burbank, California, United States
Parent CBS Corporation
Warner Bros
Founded January 24, 2006
Type Broadcast television network
Launch date September 18, 2006
Availability National
Slogan Dare To Defy
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
1080i or 720p (HDTV)
Official Website

Watch CW TV Shows USA Live Streaming

Cross Ads first. Here you can watch CW TV channel live streaming telecasting online transmission from USA. Enjoy Movies and other entertaining programs. Please wait for few seconds, streaming is just loading in the player.

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History of CW TV Channel

CW TV USA LiveThe WB (Warner Bros) and the UPN (United Paramount Network), they both, launched in the same year. They both associations were seen as the parent channel Prime Time Entertainment Network (Joint Venture between Warner Bros Entertainment and Chris Craft Industry). Later Warner Bros Entertainment and Chris-Craft Industries become partners in The WB and UPN.

In Sep 1997 PTEN separates their broadcasting services. UPN and WB networks started foothold with American Television Network. They both networks aired several programs and some popular series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek: Voyager, 7th Heaven, Dawson’s Creek and Charmed.

Unfortunately, the WB and UPN network have unable to attract the audience. After the declination, Chris-Craft Industries, Time Warner, and Viacom have decided to merge the both networks but this discussion collapse. Finally, In January 2006, the CBS executive and Time Warner announced to close UPN and WB, and they merge their revenue to make a new Network known as CW. In May 2006, CW officially said to play thirteen programs (seven programs taken from WB Network and six programs taken from UPN Network).


After they launched CW broadcast its launching party and repeat telecast of 7th Heaven, Beauty, and the Geek, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Reba, Smallville, Supernatural, America’s Next Top Model, Veronica Mars, Everybody Hates, Chris, Girlfriends, All of US and WWE Smack Down.

In 2008, CW launched two new reality series such as “4 Real” and “In Harm Way” this series is based on people live who done a dangerous job and two new dramas such as “Valentine” romantic comedy drama and “Easy Money” comedy drama series. They performed destitute ratings. New programs “The Drew Carey Show” is an American sitcom (based on revolving around office life of men and retail office) and “Jericho” science fiction, action drama series.

Currently Broadcasting Program

The Flash DC comic series
Arrow comic series
The Vampire Diaries supernatural drama based on the novel
Super Natural fantasy, horror television series
Jane the Virgin romantic comedy-drama
The Original horror, fantasy movie airing on CW since Oct 2013
Reign historical romantic movie airing on CW since 2013-2014
The 100 action, fiction, drama airing on CW since 2013-2014
iZombie comedy, crime, horror, drama series
American First Top Model Reality television series its first broadcast in UPN network
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend comedy, romantic, musical drama series
Beauty and the Beast science fiction, suspense, romantic television series airing on CW since 2012
Containment miniseries drama
Hart of Dixie comedy drama airing on the CW since 2011
Gossip Girl teen drama series(award winning show)
The Messenger supernatural, mystery, drama series airing since 2015
Smallville uperhero, fiction, drama series based on the DC comic series
The Carrie Diaries comedy-drama series
The Tomorrow People science fiction television series
One Tree Hill television series airing since 2008-2012

Other Famous Programs

Significant Mother comedy-drama series
Star-Crossed science, fiction romantic drama
Nikita thriller, spy fiction, action television series
Cedric’s Barber Battle reality television series
Veronica Mars mystery, comedy, teen drama series
Hellcats cheer leading comedy-drama series
Master of Illusion magic show airing on the CW since 2000

Video on Demand

CW also gives a traditionally video on demand today its “CW on Demand”, facilities provide to those viewers! Who is watching the latest episode, and also watching online drama on their website After their broadcast on CW Network also available on CW app and CW on demand. In 2012, Due to copyright law, the CW forced a three-day delay of watching most recent episodes.


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Star Movies HD India

Star Movies HD India

Star Movies is an English movie channel launched by Star TV and Fox International Channel, subsidiaries of 21st Century Fox. It was started on 12 May 1993. Headquarter of this channel is in Mumbai, India. It broadcast areas are India, Philippine, Taiwan, Middle East and North Africa, China and Vietnam. Now, Fox Movies Premium replaced it in selected Southeast Asian countries and Hong Kong except in India, China, Vietnam, Middle East, Taiwan and the Philippines. At this time, They

At this Time they have five channels in different regions of the world including Star Movies Taiwan in Taiwan, in Asia (in Southeast Asia and People’s Republic of China), SMENA, Philippines and India. Star Movies on Demand Asia was launched on 16 September 2010. While ‘Star Movies Philippines’ was launched on 1st January 2010. Moreover, Star Movies HD Asia was launched on 1 May 2010.

Launched 1 May 1994
Headquarters Mumbai
Owned by STAR India
Broadcast Area India
Middle East & North Africa
Sister channel(s) Star Gold
Star Chinese Movies
Fox Movies Middle East
Fox Action Movies
Fox Family Movies
Fox Movies Premium

Watch Star Movies HD India Live

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Here you can watch Star Movies Tv channel Live streaming in HD quality. it telecast top best Hollywood and Bollywood movies for you. Please wait for some moments, stream will load automatically in the player.

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Star Movies HDStar Movie International is an advertisement-free channel that is not suitable for people under the age of 18. Star movie change the corporate image to Fox movie premium. It transmits Southeast Asia and China. Due to high subscribe charges in Nepal and Sri Lanka, they replaced advertisements free Fox movie into commercial support Indian 2012 star movie international renamed star movie Asia.



Star movie India broadcasting area is India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan. The latest Hollywood movies played on every weekend. It is High rating channel because they lead to viewer rating Hollywood premium program, and movies are the shaft of light that managed Star TV.

Sri Lanka viewer cannot enjoy star movie Asia because of brand Fox Movie Premium. In Feb 2015 Star movie, India kicked out Sri Lanka and their viewers not right of entry to movie broadcast. Star Movie Mena channels for viewers on the Middle East and North Africa has an Arabic subtitle movie channel.

Chinese subtitles and Commercial support version of Star movie, especially for Taiwan Star Movies Taiwan is the most confined side of this channel. It comes up with Chinese subtitles and promo and voice over of movies in Mandarin Chinese.

Star Movie History

Nov 2009 Star movie broadcast their program in the Philippines. Movie channel with English subtitles and local commercial displayed in the film time break. They transmit Action, Comedy, Horror, Suspense and animated movie.

In May 2012 Star movie international offer in Asia to launched their HD (high definition) channel available these channels in Asia sat 5 and shared the same schedule, however, different commercial on the upper side of the screen along with their HB marked logo Only available in Taiwan and India.

In Oct, 2013 It launched an HD feed in the STAR TV India channel, but change channel features than Taiwan .3D diamond Movie HD logo, Swoosh in blue trademark and channel name Gotham font as the same logo sister channel Star world.

In selective Asia territories, It change the corporate image to Fox Movie Premium HD in 2012. This service not broadcast in Vietnam and China. Star Movie HD telecast in Sri Lanka, officially launched in June 2012 after three year. This channel kicked out Sri Lanka in Feb 2015 with no Fox and Star branded movie. Star movie is also known as a Fox action movie.


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HBO Movie Channel USA Live

HBO Live

HBO Movie Channel (Home Box Office) Start their first program in 18, Nov 1972 about 43 years ago owned by home box office Inc (Division of time Warner) the flagship chain TV sharing out of Time Warner. Its programming consisting of primarily theatrically released motion picture, television series, documentaries, boxing match stand-up comedy and a special concert. Since 8, Nov 1972 it operates pay television series continuously in united states. In April 1998, it marketed under the brand named “HBO the Work”.

Country  United States
Owned by Home Box Office Inc.
Launched November 8, 1972
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Slogan It’s HBO.
Language  English
 Formerly Called   The Green Channel
 Sister channel  Cinemax

Watch HBO Movie Channel USA Live(En vivo por internet gratis)

Ver canel HBO en viso por internet online gratis. Watch live streaming of HBO movie channel online from USA. Please wait stream is loading in the player. Enjoy 24/7 hours movies free in HD.

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HBO TV History

HBO Movie Live StreamingCharles Dolan, who had worked in the use of commercial cable, built a closed circuit tourist information television system that was circulated in the hotels in the New York. This method called as Teleguide won a license to build a cable television. This system named as “sterling information service” and now in present called “time warner cable.” The United States first urban underground cable system due to a tall building in the city damaged the signals of stringing cable and antennas, but these underground system had an ability to check the signals during severe weather conditions. Sterling Manhattan lost revenue because of these expensive underground wires. Charles Dalton thought and after vacation, they came up with a television service called “the green channel.” Dalton and some time-life executive worked on the project and discussed new service named it ‘Home Box Office’ (HBO).

The United States first urban underground cable system due to a tall building in the city damaged the signals of stringing cable and antennas, but these underground system had an ability to check the signals during severe weather conditions. Sterling Manhattan lost revenue because of these expensive underground wires. Charles Dalton thought and after vacation, they came up with a television service called “the green channel.” Dalton and some time-life executive worked on the project and discussed new service named it ‘Home Box Office’ (HBO).

In 1972, HBO launched their first evening program; however, it was not covered by local and national media and not displayed in the print media. City manager refused to attend the launching ceremony. Movie ‘sometimes a great notion’ is the first broadcast film and after this movie, they broadcast first sports event.

Home Box Office aired first television series in February 1973. Original series such as Tracey Takes On, Mr. Show with Bob and David and Arliss have caused increase in HBO success and earned the channel several nominations and awards notably Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Award.’

List of Channels

HBO channels depend on service providers they provide thirteen multiplex channels in both standard and high definition program and also provide Video on Demand service (HBO on demand) the cable operator have selected the movie they want it’s an opportunity to the operators.


In this channel, they provide featured film first run film, original series, a special concert, sports matches, special documentaries and ready for cable operators. On a weekly basis, they debut new movies. On 6, March 1999 it provide high definition channels that broadcast in 1080i resolution format . Video upon request launched on 1, July 2001 offering selection of movies and original series.


HBO2 channel changes their named HBO plus but in 1998, and they returned their original named HBO2. They broadcast of newer films; special concert; boxing events and episodes of HBO original series air just on the primary channel. They also broadcast R-rated films during the daytime hours.

HBO Comedy

It broadcast stand-up comedy, original series and adult comedy specials.

HBO Family

HBO Family license deals with Time Warner (Warner Bros Pictures, HBO Films, Castle Rock Entertainment) and Viacom (Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks). Also Columbia Pictures (licensed movie).


It launched Cinemax on Aug 1, 1980, an accompanying person movie based premium channel. Due to reliance classic movie channel successes of the early year, these film presented uncut seen and non-commercial interruption.


HBO launched HBO GO on 18, Feb 2010. It carries 1,000 hours program available in high definition HBO GO provides documentaries, sports movies and late night adult programmed. HBO GO and HBO Now are identical in all prospects HBO Now programs is on the partnership with Apple Inc to Apple TVs.


On primary channel between 6:00 am and 8:00 pm they made a policy not to run R-rated film the channel produced HBO first look documentary series in 1992.Behind the scene, making of the upcoming/recently released film in this programs.

Original Programs

It produced Drama and Comedies also of the theatrical film for an adult. Before 2001, HBO family produced very few family oriented series. HBO successful series such as Sex and the City, The Sopranos, The Wire, Entourage, Six Feet Under, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones and True Blood). Early in 90s it developed the original program that’s earned numerous nominations and wins of Emmy and Golden Globe Awards.

Series Sports Comedy
Game of Thrones Boxing Events
girls Sports Series Comedy
last week tonight with john oliver Sports Documentaries HBO Digitals
Real time with Bill Maher    

Streaming Media of HBO Movie

HBO Go HBO Now Sling TV Internet Protocol television
U.S. cable Internet subscribers Requires subscription through a participating retailer  



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Hallmark Channel TV USA

Hallmark Channel TV USA

Hallmark Channel is an American cable and satellite television network. Crown Media Holding owns it. Mostly shares are Owned by Hallmark Cards. The program at this channel mainly targeted at families, television movies and miniseries, original and acquired television series, and other lifestyle programs. Hallmark Channel is available almost 85,439,000 pay television households in the United States from February 2015.

Launched August 5, 2001
Slogan The Heart of TV
Language English
Headquarters Studio City, California
Owned by Crown Media Holdings (Hallmark Cards)
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Broadcast area Nationwide
Country United States
Sister channel(s) Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Watch Hallmark Channel TV (USA) Live Stream

live-streaming-onlineWatch online Hallmark TV channel stream free in HD quality. Working independently 24/7 hours and providing best entertainment programs including movies. Please wait for a moment streaming is just loading in the player.

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Hallmark Channel TV Live32 years ago this channel started its work as ACTS in 1984. On July 1, 1988, it worked as VISN. In 1992, it launched as a merge of VISN/ ACTS. After this, Faith and Values Channel broadcast its transmission in 1993. In 1996, it worked with Odyssey Network. Finally, it launched as Hallmark Channel on August 5, 2001. The Vision Interfaith Satellite Network and the American Christian Television System are the two separate religious cable channels where the Hallmark traced its history. These two networks started alternating time on a shared transponder slot on the Galaxy 111 satellite in 1992.

VISN aired during the morning and evening hours. Southern Baptist Convention owns Hallmark Channel as ACTS. In November 1998, Crown Media Holdings and the Jim Henson Company bought majority stakes in Odyssey. The channel began to focus on family-targeted entertainment programs in which classic sitcoms, children’s programs and family-oriented movies.

Programming of Hallmark Channel

It was launched on August 5, 2001. This network started religious programming but after this focus on family-oriented sitcoms and drama series, dramatic films and general entertainment programs.

Headquarters situated in Studio City, California. At this time, David Evans appointed as CEO of the newly developing network. But he resigned in May 2006. David Evans remained CEO until October 2006. After this Henry, Schleiff was appointed as CEO. It started a weekday morning talk show in 2002. The channel dropped the Hallmark Crown in January 2007. It launched new national public affairs “Watch With Me” on May 27, 2007.

Hallmark Channel consists of classic and recent television series and TV movies. CBS broadcasts many Hallmark Hall of Fame Films. The network airs Hall of Fame films on a two week from their original broadcast on ABC.

Other famous programs are daytime talk show Home and Family. Calls the Heart is another program that is based on the novels by Janette Oke. This network also telecasts lifestyle programs and Made for TV original. In July 2013, Hallmark Channel debuted its first original scripted series with the premier of Cedar Cove. Hallmark held an event with New York’s North Shore Animal League and Last Hope Animal Rescue that debut the Kitten Bowl during Super Bowl. This event hosted by Beth Stern. The Puppy Bowl is another animal-themed event that debuted on Animal Planet. 1.3 million people watched it. Kitten Bowl was back on February 7, 2016. But it will return on February 5, 2017. Visit official website for complete programs schedule.

Title Premiere date
The Home and Family Show October 1, 2012
Cedar Cove July 20, 2013
When Calls the Heart January 11, 2014
Good Witch February 28, 2015

Watch Original Movies on Hallmark TV

This network broadcasts as family friendly and inspirational ranging from holiday- themed films to western. It had a certain one movie a month, during the development period. It’s production schedule with the films mainly produced by RHI Entertainment. Crown Media ramped up approximately 30 movies a year. The Hallmark channel provides 35 original movies during the period from 2009 to 2010. During 2011, it released 25 television movies.


Hallmark Channel operated many cable channels in International markets. NBCU Universal owns Hallmark Channel services outside the United States.

Satellite Cable IPTV
DirecTV 1312
312 (SD)
Time Warner Cable 123 Verizon FiOS 740
Dish Network 185 AT&T U-verse 1365 AT&T U-verse 1365


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ShowTime TV USA HD

showtime USA live

ShowTime TV is an American cable and satellite television network. It serves as the flagship service of the Showtime Networks with the corporation of the media conglomerate. This channel released motion pictures and original television series. It was launched on July 1, 1976.  It is a brand that used for some channels and platforms all over the world. But at this time, it refers to eight multiplex channels in the United States. The channel and its headquarters situated at Paramount Plaza on the northern end of New York City’s Broadway district. Showcase, SHO2, Showtime Beyond, Showtime Extreme, Showtime Family Zone, Showtime Next all these channels are sub channels of Showtime TV.

 Watch ShowTime TV USA (HD) Live Stream

live-streaming-onlineHere you can watch 24/7 hours live streaming of showtime TV channel telecasting from USA. Please wait for few minutes live stream load automatically in the player.

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 ShowTime TV USAIn Escondido, It was Launched on July 1, 1976. And on July 8 it started in Dublin on Viacom Cablevision’s system.Showtime had 55,000 subscribers nationwide. Viacom sold 50 % ownership to TelePromp Ter Corporation in 1979. After Viacom and Warner Amex Satellite, the company established in 1983. In 1984, American Express sold their interest in Warner-Amex to Warner Communications.

Owned by Showtime Networks
Launched July 1, 1976
Slogan Brace Yourself
Country United States
Language English, Spanish
Headquarters New York City, New York
Sister channel(s) The Movie Channel, Smithsonian Channel,


The modern program Showtime HD is a high definition telecast. It also operates six of its seven multiplex channels. Showtime is currently available through satellite providers DirecTV and Dish Network. It operates a subscription video on demand television service called Showtime on Demand. This event offers feature films, adult programming, and sports events. It was officially launched in July 2002. Showtime launched a website that called Showtime Anytime. This site has features around 400 hours of streaming program.

CBS Corporation launched a subscription video on June 3, 2015. It became famous quickly. This channel is most famous due to the crime Drama Dexter and the drama thriller series Homeland.

It is one of two premium cable services; it has produced original movies aimed at family audience. The channel Networks entered into a four-year film licensing agreement on October 1, 2013. This deal passed with Open Road Films that released by the Studio between 2017 and 2020. On January 20, 2015, the channel entered into a multi-year premium television output deal with film, and also represent television and multimedia studio STX Entertainment. Besides the United States, Several pay television networks used the Showtime Australia, Arabia, Scandinavia and Spain’s Extreme. This agreement gives 400 million users access to limited Showtime series from CBS. This channel also telecast limited amount of sports programming, and Showtime Sports division produces it. You can watch programs schedule information from

official website.

List of programs broadcasts by Showtime

Drama Shameless, Homeland, Masters of Sex, Penny Dreadful, The Affair, Billions
Comedy Episodes, House of Lies
Talk shows Inside Comedy
Sports programming Showtime Championship Boxing, Inside the NFL, All Access, Jim Rome on Showtime,60 Minutes Sports
Reality/documentary series The Circus, Gigolos, Dark Net
Adult programming AVN Awards
Sister channel(s) The Movie Channel, Smithsonian Channel,

Availability of Showtime TV on Satellite and Cable

DirecTV (HD/SD) Dish Network
545 (east), 546 (west), 547, 548 549 Extreme 550 Beyond (HD) 551 Next (HD) 552 Women (HD) 318 (east; HD/SD) 319 (west; HD/SD) 320 (HD/SD) 321 (HD/SD) 322 Extreme 323 Beyond
Streaming media


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