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Fox is a broadcasting television network, founded by Rupert Murdoch and Barry Diller in October 1985, about 30 years ago, owned by Fox Television Group parent 20 Century Fox. On air operation launched on October 9, 1986. Its headquarters located in Los Angeles, California. Here you can watch Fox News Live.

Fox News Launched on October 7, 1996, about 19 years ago, owned by Fox Entertainment Group (21st Century Fox holding).Its slogan is Fair & Balanced. It is American Cable and Satellite channel. It Country of origin is the United States. Its headquarters is located at 1211 Avenue of America and New York, NY 10036. Its sister channel is Fox Business Network, Fox Broadcasting Company, Sky TG 24, Sky New Australia and Sky News .81.4%  of American household viewers watch this channel.

Launched October 7, 1996
Owned by Fox Entertainment Group
Slogan Fair & Balanced
Headquarters New York City, New York
Launched October 7, 1996
Broadcast area Worldwide
Picture format 720p & 1080p (converting) (HDTV)
(480i for SDTVs)
Sister channel(s)

Fox Business Network.

Fox Broadcasting Company.

Sky News.

Sky News Australia.



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Here you can watch Fox news TV channel live streaming telecasting online transmission from USA. Enjoy 24/7 hours online streaming. Please wait for some seconds stream is loading in the player.

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FOX News TV LiveThe Fox New Corporation made Fox establishment. The New Corporation purchased a 50 percent interest of TCF Company they also owned Rupert Murdoch (newspaper publisher). Early 1950’s 20 Century Fox involved in producing many television and radio programming. They purchased National Telefilm Associated to produce films, but their effort in making film failed in early years. Fox aims to form a Fourth television network to beat ABC, CBS, and NBC. Rupert Murdoch agrees to purchase a 100 percent share of TCF, this purchased approved by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). In this tough period, Fox struggle and this is the same situation faced by his competitor Dumont.

During 1990’s Dumont and the other network failed because their programming just completed the hours identify by the FCC and due to this opportunity Fox Network makes revenue. Dumont was creating a barrier that decreases its potential earnings. Fox invest these profits in establishing new Network. FFC has ownership limit that it gives a limit of a television station, launched only five broadcasting network in worldwide. Fox launched two television networks and his competitor Dumont owned three television networks. The Dumont network failed, as a result, Fox has offered to broadcast new program.

All Programming of FOX Network

In 1986 Fox broadcast its first program Late-night Talk Show hosted by Joan Rivers (comedian), this shows to increase the rating of late night shows. In April 1987 the network increases their programming on prime time, showing their first program “Married with children sitcom” and “The Tracey Ullman Show” comedy series.

They played series like  21 Jump Street and WereWolf  that is supernatural drama series and Saturday night series. “The New Adventure of Beans Baxter,” “Karen’s Song” and” Down and Out Beverly Hill” this series “Second Chance” and “Women in Prison.”

Fox Network broadcast ten seasons of “Beverly Hill” and “90210”. In April 1990, they played debuted comedy series “Living Color”. In Sep 1993 they play western fiction, scientific film “The Adventure of Brisco County, Jr, Fox run 20 episode of this series.

They also played supernatural  series “The X-File “and because of this series they become Top 20 most watching television. It played successfully dubbed program “Mad TV” American life comedy series. Fox programming focused on adult (between 18 and 40 years of age)

Family Guy aired in 2002 and Futurama is a science fiction animated sitcom aired in 1999 and then Fox TV has canceled this program.

Fox returned this series in 2005. Fox played “The Critic” unsuccessful animated series. In early 2000’s Fox produced reality show such as “Who Want to Marry a Multimillionaires?”, “Temptation Island,” “Married by America” and Joe Millionaire.

The television channel also video’s clip such as “World’s Wildest Police Video” Reality TV (video related to car crashes, robberies, riots and other crime) and “When Animal Attack!” graphic clips of animal attack on humanity. Fox also plays, drama series such as “24” serial drama, political thriller drama.

Availability of Fox News Streaming

Satellite Cable IPTV
DirecTV 360 (HD/SD) In-House (Washington) 18 Bell Fibe TV (Canada)Sky Angel 507318
Dish Network 205 (HD/SD) Verizon FiOS 618 (HD); 118 (SD) Southern Fibernet (Atlanta, GA) 578 (SD)
1578 (HD)
Bell TV 507    
Foxtel 604    
Digital+ 77    
StarHub 702    




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