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FX TV is a short form of Fox extended, launched on June 1, 1994, it is owned by FX Network L, L, C (21st Century Fox).its slogan is Fearless. It country of origin is the United States. FX is an American cable and satellite television. Sister channel is FX movie channel and FXX. FX network programming based on Original drama, comedy, series, theatrical film, and sitcom.  80.8% viewers of the United States watch this channel. You can also visit an official website that is

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Wach live FX TV channel live streaming telecasting interesting programs, shows from the United States of America. Please wait for some seconds, stream is just loading in the player. FX TV vivo por internet gratis.

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 The channel broadcast their programs live from their apartment. The broadcast network programs from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s era included “Batman”, “Wonder Women”, “Eight Is Enough”, “Nanny and the Professor” and “Green Hornet”.

Those days FX network has two slogans TV Made Fresh Daily and The World First Living Television Network. In 1994, FX was given the facility to viewers, to give their feedback through the internet, email and the World Wide Web. Most shows are based on viewers email question such as “Backchat” is a television show, broadcast on mid-1990; Jeff Probst is the host of the program and the host read the e-mail and knows the viewer choice about the program. The budget of the channel is high to pay a national clearance. Various program shifts from Fox network and in 1998, FX leave the apartment and change they’re set up.

Fox Gone Cable

FX renamed their slogan “Fox Gone Cable” in 1997. Mostly running programs carry from Fox channel included The X-files, and Married with Children. In 1998 FX played three original series “Bobcat’s Big Ass Shows”, “The Grounding” and “Penn & Teller’s Sin City Spectacular”.

Original Programming

In 2002, FX focused on playing original programming. FX played the television series The Shield, this series won the Golden Globe Award and in 2008, this series won an AFI Award. The Many broadcasting network chose to play TV-MA rating program. The Parent Television Council and American Family Association have to boycott this type of programming. In 2007, FX TV launched new drama series Dirt, The Riches and Damages. The channel changes its slogan named There Is No Box in 2008.The FX network aired new drama series Son of Anarchy is a crime, thriller, drama, formed and created by Kurt Sutter.

Drama Series

FX also runs original drama series, comedy program and animated film.



Running Period

American Horror Story

Supernatural, Anthology American drama series, produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, a story based on some true events. Successful television series, won two Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe Award and a Guild Award.


The American

The American period, spy drama, created by Joe Weisberg (CIA Officer).story focused on CIA family life. Who performed their duty along with Kids and spouse, It city of origin is United State.



Black comedy, crime drama series, produced by Noah Hawley, producers Kim Todd, Chad Oakes and Michael Frislev. This series is motivated from the 1996 film.


American Crime Story

True crime American television series, created and produced by Scott Alexander and karaszewski .It country of origin is United State. The story focused on Jeffery Toobin’s book.




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