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Reality TV presents dramatic or humorous situations. This channel has ordinary people instead of professional actors. The term Reality Television used since 2000. Its shows represent a host who asks questions to the participants or comments. They telecast many kinds of reality television shows. Idols and Big Brothers show became global franchises, spawning local versions in dozens of countries. They telecast a program name Dutch Series Nummer 28 that was the first show to bring together strangers.

In the United States, many channels have retooled to focus on reality programs. MTV is a famous program that began in 1981 as a music video pioneer. Some shows are not classified as reality television such as Documentaries, television news and traditional game.

This channel offers talent- search shows such as The Original Amateur Hour, The Up Series (1964) documentary series for ordinary people. It also gives high-concept shows such as The Dating Game (1965), and real life featuring programs like The People’s Court, the Old House.

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Reality Television USA LiveIn 1964, the first broadcast in the United Kingdom, the Granada Television documentary Seven Up. It is the interviews with a dozen 7-year-olds from a broad cross-section of society. A film documented the life of the same individuals, Up Series, 7 Plus Seven, 21 Up are included. The American Sportsman is the first modern reality show that ran from 1965 to 1986 on ABC in the United States. Another precursor is Omaha’s the Wild Kingdom that aired from 1963 to 1988. It telecasts a fantastic-fulfilled reality show named 1982 to 1988, named The Canadian series Thrill of a Lifetime.

In 1991, the series Nummer 28, that aired on Dutch television. Charlie Parsons has also broadcast a series in 1997 Expedition Robinson that first aired in Sweden.A famous program Changing Rooms began in 1996 in which showed couples redecorating each other’s house. It is also a first reality show with self-improvement and makeover theme.

Streetmate reality show premiered in the UK in 1998. Gabe Sachs created this show as Street Match. But it was flob in the United States.
Tester became the first reality show that aired over a video game console in 2010.


Reality television consists of many subgenres, there are eight subgenres of reality television. Game does, dating programs, makeover programs, talent contests, court programs, and celebrity variations programs are included.

Reality legal programs

Some programs center on real life legal matters. Court Show was originally dramatized and staged programs in which actors are playing the witnesses and lawyers. Subgenre reality shows are law enforcement documentaries that capture police officers on duty.

Four of the ten programs are famous among Youth in 2006. Some programs watched by teens that resemble with a questionable role model. According to serve of Learning and Skills Council, in UK teenagers gained fame by appearing on reality television in 2007.



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